WWII:  From Homefront to Warfront
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Albrecht, David David Albrecht Collection
Allen, Earl Earl Allen Collection
Battersby, Arvin Arthur Burns, Walter Burns & Philip Micetich Collections
Begler, Jim Jim Begler Collection
Born, John John Born Collection
Born, Marian Ray and Marian Born Collections
Campbell, Karen Alexander McDermott Collection
Carbon Hill School Museum Carbon Hill School Museum Collection
Clark, Eugene Eugene Clark Collection
Clegg, Liz Trotter permission to use the Scrapbook by Marybelle Trotter and Pete Enrietta
Craterfield, AnneCharles Buberle and Anne Craterfield Collections
Davito, Betty
Joe and Betty Davito Collections
Davito, William
William Davito Collection
DeGrush, Eugene
Eugene DeGrush Collection
DiPaolo, David
Pete DiPaolo Collection
Dzuris, John John Dzuris Collection
Lucille Elberts Collection
Enrietta, George
permission to use the Scrapbook by Marybelle Trotter and Pete Enrietta
Finn, William & Vivian Finn Collections
Franciskovich, Jolene John Franciskovich Collection
Free Press Newspapers Coal City Courant articles
Friddle, Judy James Philbin Collection
Galbreath, Roy Loyal Tom Galbreath Collection
Gerard, Erwin Erwin Gerard Collection
Girot, Chuck Chuck and Ralph Girot Collections
Girot, Russell Russell and Ralph Girot Collections
Halpin, Dorothy Dorothy Halpin Collection
Inman, Robert Robert Inman Collection
Kessler, Marvin Marvin Kessler Collection
Lyons, Henry & Nancy - 1945 Basketball players names
Marketti, Marcus Marcus Marketti Collection
Martis, Kathy Jesse and Lawrence Brown Collections
Marsaglia, Don Don Marsaglia Collection
McLuckie, June John "Bill" and June McLuckie Collections
McLuckie, Norbert Norbert McLuckie Collection
Meyer, Donna Donna Meyer Collection
Micetich, Jack Arthur Burns, Walter Burns & Philip Micetich Collections
Micetich, Jerry
Arthur Burns, Walter Burns & Philip Micetich Collections
Micetich, Michele Enrietta Michele Enrietta Micetich, Delphine, John, and Louis Enrietta Collections
Micono,Beverly Beverly Micono Collection
Morrill, Betty Walfred Williams and Betty Morrill Collections
Newberry, Robert Robert Newberry Collection
Ravnaas, Bernard Bernard Ravnaas Collection
Thomas, Dorothy Dorothy Thomas and Fredrick Cook Collections
Thornburg, Audrey Audrey and Robert Thornburg Collections
Thraen, Carol F. Michael J. Sedar Collection
Tyler, Lorrie Marvin and Lorrie Tyler Collections
Viglia, Edwin & Margaret Viglia Collection
Washburn, Frank "Bud" "Bud" Washburn Collection
Washburn, Rita Edward and Rita Washburn Collections
Grant Staff:

Christopher Kernc
was the AV Specialist and Project Coordinator for the World War II: From Homefront to Warfront project. Kernc studied at the University of Central Florida where he received a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2007. His keen interest in, and knowledge of, the Second World War was greatly appreciated and valued during the course of the project.

As webmaster, Nicole (Bianchetta) Leman utilized her unique design and technological skills to develop this collection of memorabilia to honor our veterans. Nicole graduated from Illinois State University in 2005 with a Bachelors of Science in Arts Technology. Combining that computer knowledge with her home grown experience, Nicole helped make World War II: From Homefront to Warfront a treasure trove of information that future generations will be able to explore and enjoy. The site was redesigned for easier navigation and usability by Assistant Director, Leah Bill.

Michele Enrietta Micetich is a retired educator with 35 years professional experience in numerous and diverse teaching and learning environments. Since retirement she has devoted her time to studying and preserving local history, using the interview as one tool for preservation and understanding. Michele's familiar style is helpful in capturing personal stories of our collective past, allowing many local projects to build a more dynamic sense of who we were, who we are, and who we might become. Michele currently serves as an officer of the Carbon Hill Historical Society, which owns and operates the not-for-profit Carbon Hill School Museum.

Irene Shepkowski, project director for the World War II: From Homefront to Warfront, has been employed by the Coal City Public Library District since 1996. She prepared and submitted the grant application as a part of her duties as Head of Reference Services.
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