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Carbon Hill

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Carbon Hill was founded in 1874 and incorporated in 1892. The village was built of and around the mine industries. There were four mines located around the town. At the peak, Carbon Hill was the home to 13 grocery and clothing stores, a slaughter house for beef, 21 taverns and a population of 1800. The village had wooden sidewalks on every block and water hydrants on every corner. There were so many company houses that you couldn't walk between them. The school, which remains on 2nd Street, was built in 1893. Around 1908-1910, three of the four mines were depleted. A cyclone, in 1912, destroyed the only working mine's equipment but the repairs were too costly and the mine closed. The following year a fire destroyed most of the village businesses at the east end of town. With the towns destruction and mine closings, slowly but surely, the people moved away.


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Fire Company Badge

Carbon Hill Fire Company Badge

Carbon Hll Fire Company Badge belonged to Charles Tilley, who was a member of the company in 1895. Charles Tilley's sons, James and Alexander, worked in the mine fields as shale engineers.