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Diamond School Building

Diamond School Building
History of Diamond School

The History of the Diamond School

When the coalfields were opened in Northern Illinois, the village of Diamond was one of the first towns resulting from the establishment of this new industry.

In 1874 a one-room school was built to care for the educational needs of the children. The changes in the school down through the years is in itself a history of Diamond, waxing and waning as the town grew or declined under the operation and output of the mines

The one-room school, by the addition of a company house, was doubled in size. In 1890 a new building of two rooms was erected. In 1895 two additional rooms were added. This was the maximum capacity it was to attain.

As the coal mines declined and people sought employment in new areas, the school enrollment began to shrink. Around the year 1910 two rooms of the building were removed, and the two remaining rooms were used for many years. In 1914 one of these rooms was closed, making the Diamond School a one-room school again with an enrollment distributed throughout the eight elementary grades. The lowest enrollment year was that of 1938-1939, there being but eight pupils from three families - Bertino, Favero and Gross.



Diamond School, Class of 1906

Diamond School, Class of 1906

Diamond school students with their teacher Miss Margaret Busaytis, 1906

Back row (L-R): Tom Sikolowski, John Little, Willie Fleming, Norman Perino, Adolph Cima, Raymond Keevers

Second Row (L-R): Marina Turigliatto, Bernice Donna, John Ceretoo, John Keevers, Tom Perona

Front Row (L-R): Barbara Dvorak, Mary Giacomo, Miss Busaytis, Catherine Berta, Rose Perona, Josie Cima, Louisa Querio

Diamond School, Class of 1908

Diamond School, Class of 1908

2nd row from top, second from left in white blouse with dark
neckline is Lena Bertino. Girl on end to left is Marie Perona.
3rd row, 3rd from left is the teacher. 2nd person beyond teacher
is Margaret Little (mother of Glenn and Earl Allen).
Last girl in that row is Berta (mother of Lucille and Olese DiGirdie).
Top row at the right is J. Berta.
People identified by Mary Berta McLuckie, 1976



Diamond School Students

Diamond School Students

Included in the photo are the Dvorak children, the Girot children and the Gilmour children. Year unknown.